Lower Hudson Volleyball Association

LHVA 2018-2019 Commitment to Teams


Welcome to Lower Hudson Volleyball Association! 

This registration will allow you to commit to playing for Lower Hudson Volleyball Association for the 2018-2019 season.

Players were offered the position on the team on November 17, 2018 and MUST accept the position on November 21, 2018. If a player doesn't commit on 11/21 by midnight, we will offer the position to other players on 11/22 . 


All players must also attend the 2018 Meet and Greet on Monday, November 26th from 7-8pm in the Pelham High School Cafeteria C.

Players MUST bring the following documents completed and signed:

  1. LHVA 2018-2019 Player Club Rules
  2. LHVA 2018-2019 Parent Contract 
  3. LHVA 2018-2019 Player Commitment Contract 
  4. First Payment: Cash or Check to LHVA

Players will also get sized for their uniforms on this date. 

Teams will begin practice the week of November 26th! 

11/26- Practice Begins for 17 Travel and 15 Purple @ Pelham 

11/27- Practice Begins for 16 Purple and 15 Black @ Pelham/  14 Black and 14 Purple @ Kinetic 

11/28- Practice Begins for 13 Purple @ Kinetic/ 13 Black @ Cottle*(Waiting on Start Date)*

11/30- Practice Begins for 16 Black and 15 White @ Kinetic 


Please direct questions to:

Sloane Dill

LHVA Co-Director

Phone: 914-557-2570